Welcome to this site – it’s a simple give-away site where I have collected resources that teachers and colleagues have found valuable over recent years. I offer it in the hope that it will provide resource to schools who wish to focus on learning (with all the benefits that brings). There are nearly over 150 things to download.

December 2020

PLUS: 74,786 on Researchgate
and 52,833 on Academia
TOTAL 215,173

WE’VE topped 200,000!!!

That’s about 75 per day!!!

Many thanks to my co-authors and co-workers, and to the thousands of teachers I have met in recent decades. Everything in this site has been developed in conjunction with practising teachers.

One point about the organisation of this site: it is obviously organised into simple categories (publications, handouts, etc) and there would obviously be connections across these categories. Presentations turn out to make most connections, because they contain weblinks to relevant publications, handouts and video clips. Sorry not to have made all the connections – enjoy your exploring! (and making new connections).

CW pic3  I wish you good learning!

September 2015 I have just sent 4023 emails to my contacts in education, and 70% got through!

Responses include:
“Thanks very much – looks and sounds wonderful, and just what we need” Headteacher,  London
“congratulations on producing such a rich resource” Headteacher, Ealing
“This is wonderful to see, very heartening!” Teacher, Cumbria
“a wonderfully, generous resource for educators everywhere. Thank you for sharing” Independent coach in professional learning and leadership
“this will be invaluable and is much appreciated.” Headteacher, Surrey
“I have forwarded your e-mail to all staff so that they can access these great resources from your website” Headteacher, Peterborough
“stunning – as usual” Professor of School Improvement, UK
“I can’t underestimate how much I admire your principled and consistent approach to your work despite counter efforts to divert you.” Project leader in Leadership Development
“your work is an inspiration and benchmark to my work with teachers in Lebanon, especially when focusing on learning for active citizenship” Lecturer, Lebanon
Fantastic gathering of resources Chris! I will share with all the people I am working with. ‬ Keep up the great energy!” Lecturer, New Zealand
“Thank you for sharing! Your web-site is now marked as favourite“. Lecturer in Pedagogy, Norway
“This is unbelievably generous of you and thank you very much indeed. Above all it is the example you set and way you focus on pupil learning, what helps and hinders it, that has encouraged and inspired me in my work.” Independent education consultant UK
“many thanks for the generous website” Independent consultant on behaviour
“It’s been a privilege to have worked with you on several occasions, and your authentic passion, verve and expertise has always been an inspiration” Professor of Psychology in Education, UK
“Congratulations for all the good work.” Professor of Education and Psychology, Hong Kong
“Love it!! Love it!!!” Ministry Planning Officer, Bahamas
“It’s so reassuring to know that you are continuing to spread the word about learning” Teachers Association UK
“excellent”  Director, Institute of Education.

And there have been1,250 downloads in first week! 4,000 in the first month!

And 20,000 in less than a year!! Thankyou all!

And a consistent pattern:

pattern over time