This is a “hidden” page to most users of my web-site! But my love of Shelley and Wileman china and earthenware is not hidden.

THREE Shelley book covers'

AND NOW an improved and slightly updated e-version of

Watkins C., Harvey W., and Senft R (1980, 1986, 1994) Shelley Potteries: The History and Production of a Staffordshire Family of Potters

I managed to get it into 20MB! Download it here front cover 2015 sm

With my co-authors Harvey and Robert we organised a travelling exhibition in 1980/1 (some pics at the bottom of this page) and have been producing things since!

I thought I would offer them here for fellow Shelley enthusiasts.

(see also Robert’s offering at  – over 1,000 images!)

So here are a few pics of unusual things in my collection, and a range of publications to download.

11791 Vogue coffee set Bess I started with this! (thanks auntie Bess!)

3626 Intarsio 3 handle Vase√Then I saw this and found it was Shelley!

11785,6,7,8 11875,7 harlequin set√ and have since acquired this

the big three w flash and these!

3113 Intarsio pair candlesticks√ + lovely light

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  • Shelley exhibition handlist

    from the 1980/1 exhibition at Geffrye Museum, London, Stoke-on Trent City Museum, Bristol City Museum and Edinburgh Canongate Tolbooth

    Download (202 downloads )
  • Shelley in The Observer

    Caryll Faraldi “Cups That Cheer” The Observer 16 November 1980, Colour Supplement pages 50,51

    Download (210 downloads )
  • Shelley in Art & Antiques Weekly

    “A century of ceramics” Art & Antiques Weekly, November 28 - December 4 1980, Volume 43, Number 4, pages 24, 25

    Download (193 downloads )
  • Shelley in The Connoisseur

    “The Shelley Potteries: An exhibition of stylish pottery and porcelain of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco eras” The Connoisseur, December 1980, Vol. 205 No. 826, pages 300, 301

    Download (192 downloads )
  • Shelley (Intarsio) in Antique Collector

    Watkins C (1981) “Shelley Intarsio” Antique Collector, October, 82-83.

    Download (183 downloads )
  • Shelley Booklet "The Oldest Craft in the World"

    E-version of a booklet published in 1937 for dealers and customers

    Download (129 downloads )
  • Intarsio Pedestals

    Watkins C (2015) "Let's put Intarsio on a Pedestal", Shelley Club Newsletter, Number 115, pages 20-21

    Download (167 downloads )
  • A bit of my story with Shelley

    Watkins C (2015) “From One Extreme to Another?”, Shelley Newsletter: Official Journal of the Australasian Shelley Collectors Club, 29 (3 September) 10-11.

    Download (169 downloads )
  • My version of a wonderful article

    A wonderful article "Some beautiful English pottery" (1899) The Artist, vol. 26, pp. 76-84, probably written by Frederick Rhead. [this e-version is a small file and lower quality than the printed version circulated to the Shelley Club]

    Download (178 downloads )
  • Shelley Potteries book

    An improved and slightly updated e-version of

    Watkins C., Harvey W., and Senft R (1980, 1986, 1994) Shelley Potteries: The History and Production of a Staffordshire Family of Potters

    I managed to get it into 20MB!

    Download (3306 downloads )
  • Let's knock Intarsio off its pedestal!

    Watkins C (2015) “Let’s knock Intarsio off its pedestal!” Shelley Group Newsletter, No. 117, p 3

    A story of an accident in the hallway

    Download (164 downloads )
  • A book of vision and hope

    Watkins C (2016) “A book of vision and hope” Shelley Group Newsletter, No. 119, p 4-6

    An analysis of the Urbato pattern book

    Download (161 downloads )
  • Making Intarsio?

    Watkins C (2016) “Making Intarsio” Shelley Group Newsletter, No. 120, p 10. An appreciation of the Intarsio pattern book (this version with much larger images than those in the Newsletter!)

    Download (125 downloads )
  • 1920s vases - 744 examples!

    A collection of images of vase shapes 770 to 793 - 26 pages!

    Download (97 downloads )
  • Hybrid Urbato

    Watkins (2016) "A hybrid version of Urbato" Shelley Group Newsletter, No. 126, page 14.

    An account of a new version of decoration on an Urbato vase.

    Download (111 downloads )
Shelley Film:
silent film about all stages of Pottery Production [28m 5sec]:
Shelley on the Telly
Chris Watkins, BBC “Pebble Mill at One”, 2nd December 1980 [6m 18sec – missing start]:
William Harvey, Thames TV “Afternoon Plus” 7th January 1981 [11m 19sec]:
 Geffrye panorama
Geffrye case 1Geffrye case 2Geffrye case 3Geffrye case 4Geffrye case 5Geffrye case 6Geffrye case 7Geffrye case 8Geffrye case 9Geffrye case 10Geffrye case 11Geffrye case11a