Making Intarsio?

Watkins C (2016) “Making Intarsio” Shelley Group Newsletter, No. 120, p 10. An appreciation of the Intarsio pattern book (this version with much larger images than those in the Newsletter!)

Shelley Potteries book

An improved and slightly updated e-version of

Watkins C., Harvey W., and Senft R (1980, 1986, 1994) Shelley Potteries: The History and Production of a Staffordshire Family of Potters

I managed to get it into 20MB!

My version (colour illustrated) of a wonderful article

A wonderful article “Some beautiful English pottery” (1899) The Artist, vol. 26, pp. 76-84, probably written by Frederick Rhead. [this e-version is a small file and lower quality than the printed version circulated to the Shelley Club]

A bit of my story with Shelley

Watkins C (2015) “From One Extreme to Another?”, Shelley Newsletter: Official Journal of the Australasian Shelley Collectors Club, 29 (3 September) 10-11.

Intarsio Pedestals

Watkins C (2015) “Let’s put Intarsio on a Pedestal”, Shelley Club Newsletter, Number 115, pages 20-21